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Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune
(Deemed to be University)
Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy
Sant Tukaram Nagar, Pimpri, Pune-411018

Student Council

The student's council is made up of faculty members and student nominees. The chairperson of the council is the Principal. The students hold various offices like General Secretary and secretaries for sports, debate, dance and drama, music, magazine and arts.

Students Council
Students Council
Students Council

Students Council
Students Council
Students Council

Students Council
Students Council
Students Council

Students Council
Students Council
Students Council
Students Council
Students Council

The student council organized various functions like 'Teachers days and is responsible for planning coordinating and executing 'SPARSH' the culture events of the College.

Functions of Students Council
  1. To maintain discipline and a proper code of conduct in the college.
  2. To provide required support and encouragement to the newly joined students as well as solving their problems.
  3. To gather and work upon different view points from the students regarding various issues/ activities been carried out in the college.
  4. To device a common pathway for understanding between staff and students for smooth functioning of various events in college.
  5. To play a major role in organizing various extra-curricular activities in the field of sports as well as cultural activities & college magazine.
  6. Student's council is indispensably a part of committees which organizes co-curricular activities such as seminars, workshops and CME, guest lectures.
  7. To take an active part in arranging health camps, diagnostic camps, blood donation camps & various social awareness camps.

CHAIRMAN Dr. Tushar Palekar
STAFF INCHARGE Dr. Preeti Gazbare (PT)
Dr. Neha Kulkarni (PT)
Dr. Manisha Rathi
Dr. Reema Joshi (PT)-Magazine Coordinator
Dr. Chaitanyaa Wani (PT) – NSS Coordinator
GENERAL SECRETARY Ms. Kinjal Shah (IV BPT) 8871102912
Ex Officio: Ms. Nikki Mathew (Intern)-9561596302
Cultural Secretary Ms. Nayan Mangla (IV BPT) 9757170102
Ms. Rutuja Malvade (II-PG) 8108941197
Ms. Priyal Baghel (Intern) 9340269577
Members Ms. Sandhya Towar (III BPT) 7066988307
SPORTS COMMITTEE Mr. Adarsh Shah (IV-BPT) 8451880144
Sports Secretary Mr. Aaron Dmello (Intern) 9769204162
Members Mr. Ninad Chaudhari (Intern) 9082366850
Mr. Abhishek Tiwari (III BPT) 8208817055  
Magazine Secretary Ms. Sanjana Giri (IV-BPT) 7974143761
Members Ms. Virti Sangoi (PG 1)-9819093020
Ms. Krutisha Kayasth (III BPT) 8055522274
Ms. Avani Mangal (II-BPT) 9425902381
Head Ms. Kanchan Kale (IV BPT) 9970164334
Members Ms. Siddhi Pokal (PG-II) 9594832435
Ms. Anushka Gajankush (III BPT) 9920459350
Ms. Sanjana Iyer (II-BPT) 8691988957
PHOTOGRAPHY COMMITTEE Mr. Shubhankar Bhujbal (IV BPT) 7774002627
Ms. Mimanshi Verma (IV BPT) 9527267684
  Ms. Abhilasha Waradkar (II-BPT) 8459228792
NSS COMMITTEE Ms. Samriti Sharma (PG II) 9417032672
Ms. Vinisha Shivnani (III BPT) 8237986360
Ms. Khushboo Muthiyan (PG I) - 8983382999
Mr. Avi Fernandes (Intern) 9819413328
Ms. Prit Shah (Intern) - 9004555010
Ms. Chetna Arora (Intern) – 9403197860
Ms. Swardhu Raut (Intern) 9823585756
Ms. Sanika Thakre (I BPT)
Mr. Yukteshwar Dabhade (I BPT)