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My Journey as a Proud Physiotherapist!!

My Journey as a Proud Physiotherapist!!

Physiotherapy is a part of medical studies that are non-surgical, drug-free, and non-invasive and focuses on the overall development of patient health.

Ms. Avanti Gaitonde
February, 27 2023

My journey as a bachelor's student started in the year 2016. I was very excited as well as anxious about the world of Physiotherapy.

I developed an interest in physiotherapy when I got to know that physiotherapy is non-invasive, non-surgical, and drug-free.

With the healing hands of a physiotherapist, a patient is rehabilitated and brought back to his near-normal life through various forms of therapy, including but not limited to exercise therapy, electrotherapy, manual therapy, and so on.

I gained a lot of knowledge and skills as I reached towards the end of my Bachelor’s journey.

I learned to assess, diagnose, and treat patients with different musculoskeletal conditions, neurological conditions, deformities, and post-surgery to regain independence in performing functional activities.

A guest lecture was organized in our college, and I got to know that the person delivering the guest lecture is diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Oh my God! I couldn’t believe that! I felt really proud of my profession. My decision to pursue physiotherapy was right!

After my Bachelor’s got completed, the pandemic of COVID was rising rapidly however contribution of physiotherapists during this phase was very rewarding.

Physiotherapy helps patients to get rid of pneumonia and improve their lung volumes and capacities.

There was also a rise in musculoskeletal problems during this phase. Lockdown which was imposed to control the spread forced people to work from home!

Most of the people failed to maintain their proper working postures. They were drawn more towards sedentary lifestyles.

Their physical capacities were reduced. There were a number of cases of neck pain, back pain, and other musculoskeletal conditions and also my passion for orthopedics, I decided to specialize in Musculoskeletal Sciences.

My master's journey was even more interesting. I got to know about the recent evidence in the treatment of common pathological conditions affecting today’s population.

I read so much literature and articles on how a single session of Dry Needling relieved musculoskeletal pain and improved the performance of activities.

Oh! that’s wonderful!! That intrigued me to research more, and that’s when I also came across how Manipulative techniques corrected body mechanics or how the need for surgery had been eliminated by dedicated Physiotherapy. I was in awe!!

Achievements in the world of physiotherapy are countless. Awareness about physiotherapy has increased considerably.

Previously, awareness was only possible through printed media, radio, and television.

Nowadays, social media is helping with awareness. Insta, Facebook, and Twitter are amazing platforms for promoting awareness.

Mobile apps like WhatsApp, video calls, Zoom, etc. are helping with home exercise protocol performance and modifications.

Apps like Zoom or Google Duo also give a platform for telerehabilitation which was one of the amazing solutions found during the COVID phase.

The therapist and patient, while sitting at home, could communicate and undergo physiotherapy.

Some mobile apps now also help patients and fitness freaks to monitor their calories and steps.

Very award-winning development!!!

Developments in physiotherapy are really magnificent.

I will always remain a student in the world of physiotherapy, learning new skills, techniques, and knowledge, and updating myself with the developments!

Maybe by 2030, Physiotherapy will see many more discoveries and innovations in India, and I really wish I could be one of the contributors to up scaling such a noble profession.

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